Hobart from the Derwent
Council of Hobart Community Associations Inc.
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The CHCA supports Community Associations, located within the City of Hobart area, in their attempts to build better communities and advocate to government on behalf of their members. Member Organisations:

Battery Point Community Association
President: Charles Morgan
Delegate: Peter Jones
Fern Tree Community Association
President & Delegate: Eric Cave
Friends of the Sandy Bay Rivulet
President: Patsy Jones
Delegate: Beth Harnett
Glebe Residents' Association
President & Delegate: Kerry Burns <>
Hobart not Highrise Inc
President: Brian Corr
Delegate: Margaret Taylor
Lenah Valley Community Association
President: Marnie Hill
Delegate: Fay Ibbott
Mount Stuart Residents Inc
President: Scott Faulkner
Degelates: Leo Foley, Scott Faulkner, Eric Pinkard
2022 07 Newsletter: Click 'Here'
2022 04 Newsletter: Click 'Here'
New Town Community Association
Delegate: Ralph Teirney, Brett Carhart
North Hobart Residents and Community Association
Degelate: Jenny Smith
Sandy Bay Residents Group
President: Bernarda Spitzer
Degelate: Barbara Beckett Spitzer
South Hobart Progress Asociation
President: Phillip Hoysted
Degelate: Kevin Wilson, Elisabeth Rees
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday each month (Feb. to Nov.)
2022 06 Newsletter: Click 'Here'
2022 07 Newsletter: Click 'Here'
2022 08 Newsletter: Click 'Here'
Waterworks Valley Landcare Group
Convenor: Craig Airey
Delegate: Robert Rands
The beauty of Hobart
Photos taken from the waterfront to Bathurst Street.
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